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Main planner :
Jean Bordes,
Etienne Doléac

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Jean Bordes,
Antoine Fontanet

Wiht contribution of A.N.A.C.R.
President :
Gilbert Arguinart
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Steles honoring Résistance fighters that died in combat and those who died in deportation in Germany

Stele in the commune of Avezac (65) in the Tost area honoring François Ader left to die by the Germans
in the July 7, 1944 ambush.

Stele at the top of the Capvern
 Ramp commemorating the ea ambush of a  German convoy by the Résistance fighters and guerilleros of the 3201 ème Compagnie FTPF  and the death in battle of Sgt Max Iréné.

At dawn on February 18 1944 the Germans invade the village of Hèches and Rebouc. 28 people including Mr. Lavigne the village Priest are arrested after being denounced. After being herded in the restaurant of Mr. Doléac, twenty one will be carried away to the Mauthausen concentration camp , 11 will never come back .

Stele at the entrance of the Tilhouse cemetery honoring  the victims the victims of June 29, 1944

The Germans invade Saint-Laurent-de Neste on August 2, 1944 the victims are Plantat Joseph, Cazes Jules,
Coca-Cane Melcior, Rejano François
This new stele was built by Mr.Jacque Birabent.The Mayor of St-Laurent de Neste and the village council with the financial assistance of the ANACR and the Communist Party. It was inaugurated September 30, 1990

This stele was built by the Mayor  of Saint-Laurent de Neste Mr. Jacques Birabent. It honors  17 Jews  who were hidden by the villagers . On June 1, 1944 they all decide
 to flee to Spain with the help of a smuggler. This smuggler will betray them and lead them into a German ambush at the village of Chaum. A young Jewish girl
of 16 escapes and the
smuggler is captured by the Résistance and executed on July 10, 1944. The stele was inaugurated on March 16, 1995

Well brought up steles to pay tribute to the populations of Esparros and Nistos for the support brought in the 3201th Company of F.T.P.F. (maquis of Nistos-Esparros) during years from July, 1943 till August, 1944.

Inaugurated on May 2, 1993

Inaugurated on November 17, 1996

The War Crosses

The sector comprising the Lannemezan Plateau, the Aure valley and the Baronnies was one of the most honored of South Western France. This sector will will be awarded 3 War Crosses on the 5 awarded in the Hautes-Pyrénées department. The city of Lannemezan will be mentionned in Regimental dispatches. The Communues of Tilhouse and Heches will also be mentionned in Regimental

The war Cross of HECHES

The war Cross of TILHOUSE