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The cemetery is renovated

During 1989 a new road in being built leading to Cap Neste in the Haut-Nistos . On foot, tt is one hour away from the Anglo-Canadian cemetery (clos du Douly). Several people will discover this place that has existed for the last 45 years.
On Friday 24 1989, Jean Anouilh et Jean Bordes , 2 veterans of the 3201 FTPF meet Mr. Virnuls the Consul of Great Britain in Toulouse , he learns from them of the existence of the cemetery.
The Consul will advise the Director of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Beaurain (62217) (CWGC France Sector)
The airmen were officially considered M.I.A.’s (Missing In Action)
Sunday May5 1991, Colonel Westland Director of the CWGC (France Sector) will come to the cemetery. Later on Mr. Heath and Murray will come over, they will also be accompanied by Jean Bordes, they will make a study in order to renovate the cemetery.
Thursday December 2 1992, official boundary marking by Mrs. Tonneau of the French Veterans Affairs. The land is given to the state by the family of René Rumeau of Nistos.
Wednesday September 15 1993, Mr. Kennedy Director of the CWGC (France Sector) lets it be known that they can not renovate the cemetery.  Tuesday September 21 1993, the French Résistance Veterans of the Hautes-Pyrénées in conjunction with the SF of the Comminges propose to the Director of the CWGC (France Sector) to renovate the cemetery.

Saturday December 11 1993, Mr Bordes presents in situ, a renovation project to Mr. Delphin  Norbert , teacher at the Technical High School of Gourdan-Polignan. He accepts to make a complete study on behalf of the ANACR of the Hautes-Pyrénées.
Monday December 13 Mr. Delphin and Bordes set the chocks in place. The construction materials are those of the Technical High School.
Thanks to Mr. Idiart , deputy and upon presentation of the project by the students of Gourdan, Mr. Leotard, Minister of Defense has allocated the use of a Puma helicopter. The helicopter has transported the sand, cement and crosses to the Clos du Douly.
Tuesday June 28, work begins. Water is taken from a mountain spring and diverted to the site via 450 meters of tubes. The rocks for the walls are in situ.
38 volunteer helpers of the region participated in the renovation.
On Saturday August 27 1994, a ceremony will take place in front of the renovated cemetery.

Friday June 10 1994 09:30H  Waiting for the Puma helicopter on the LZ where are 400 bags of 40 Kg (15 tons) and 3 tons of cement.

Friday June 10 helicopter lift. For security reasons all the volunteers have evacuated the LZ. Only the military remain under the aircraft.

Meal of the veterans of the 3201 and the helicopter crewmen at the end of the helicopter lift.


Group of railway workers and inhabitants who helped the helicopter lift of June 10 and July 2 1994.

First picture of the renovated cemetery July 30 1994 Picture by Gérard Belais

See estimate of cost

List of  names of people who participated in the helicopter operations

Cérémonie du 27 Août 1994 - Inauguration du Mémorial

Partial view of the August 27 1994 ceremony.

From right to left; Mr. Virnuls, Her majesty’s British Consul and Mr. Jean Bordes. HM Consul has just expressed his surprise to see the new cemetery and asked Mr. Jean Bordes to sincerely thank the numerous volunteers that have renovated the cemetery.


August 27 1994 ceremony after the renovations done to the cemetery. The dignitaries during the minute of silence

From left to right M. André Rumeau mayor of  Sacoué , M. Jean Bordes , M. Idiart MP of Comminges, M. Beatle General Counsellor for Saint Gaudens, M. Le chef de cabinet of the  Prefect of the Hautes Pyrénées. M. Jean Boez, Reverend Laurie More, M. Virnuls Her Majesty’s Consul of Great Britain, Madame Josette Durrieu Senator of the hautes Pyrénées.